Legislation that tweets?

f you’ve lived in America at any point over the past three decades, you’re assuredly familiar with the famous “Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law” Saturday morning cartoon short.

Bills don’t actually talk, let alone sing, and the process described in this ‘toon is simplified and somewhat idealized — bills are usually driven more by lobbying, horsetrading, and backroom dealing, and citizens often have no idea what is even in bills until after they’re passed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if the process were more citizen-centered, transparent, and easy to understand?

What if bills themselves had their own social media platforms, allowing for more robust discussion and debate?

That’s what’s going on in Texas, with HJR 51, the “NObamacare” legislation from Representative Wayne Christian.

I support Texas HJR 51

As the Texas Tribune’s Emily Ramshaw notes, “this is the first time a Texas bill has had its own social media presence.”

Twitter Screenshot for @HJR_51

Twitter Screenshot for @HJR_51

Franklin Strategy Group helped the Wayne Christian team develop the presence for HJR 51 on Twitter and Facebook.

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