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ranklin Strategy Group recently produced a couple of 60-second television ads, in conjunction with New Media Wins, for Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Whether it’s video intended exclusively for the internet or full-blown television ads, FSG’s got you covered. For these Texans for Fiscal Responsibility ads (check ’em out below), the Franklin Strategy Group team rapidly conceptualized, wrote, directed, produced, edited, and distributed the advertisements.

From Texans for Fiscal Responsibility:

Responding to school administrators around the state threatening to fire teachers in tight budget times, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is launching a television advertising campaign. The ads are part of the “” project.

Both ads take a tongue-in-cheek look at the way administrators make spending decisions, and the “disastrous” effect such actions pose to the classroom. Ad-time has been initially been purchased in the Beaumont and Corpus Christi media markets, starting Friday, March 11.

“Parents and teachers are being bullied into believing that raiding the rainy day fund and hiking spending is the only way to protect the classroom. It just isn’t so,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan, TFR’s president. “For example, the $61,000 Ford F-350 pick-up provided to a bureaucrat in Beaumont or demonstrates there is plenty to cut outside the classroom. Lots of teachers, and classrooms, can be protected with better spending decisions at the local level.”

The first ad, called “Administrator Decisions,” depicts a school superintendent using a dart board to decide which teachers to fire, while pouring diligently over the “important” decision of where to have an administrators’ retreat.

The second ad, called “Science Lab Disaster,” gives an idea of what happens when science teachers are fired rather than having non-classroom spending put under the microscope.

Both ads include strong testimonials from Colleen Vera, a retired Texas public school teacher, who says that school boards need to “keep the teachers, cut the fat.”

These ads are now running statewide. Check ’em out below!

Administrator Decisions:

Science Lab Disaster:

FSG also produced two 30-second web ads for Protect the Classroom, including “Growth“:

All four ads have made a tremendous impact on the debate in Texas, shifting the paradigm away from the usual “cuts will hurt the kids” media narrative on education, toward a more balanced assessment of the bloat and fat in our school districts.

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