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Social media entrepreneur Peter Shankman’s tirade on social media “experts” Friday morning struck a nerve with a lot of people: I Will Never Hire a “Social Media Expert,” and Neither Should You I was going to call this article “All “Social Media Experts” need to go die in a fire,” but I figured I should […]

YouTube or the Boob Tube, we’ve got you covered. ranklin Strategy Group recently produced a couple of 60-second television ads, in conjunction with New Media Wins, for Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Whether it’s video intended exclusively for the internet or full-blown television ads, FSG’s got you covered. For these Texans for Fiscal Responsibility ads (check […]

id you know that in the 1970s, there were 2.5 teachers for every non-teacher on our school payrolls in Texas? And that today, the ratio is 1:1. If we had 3 teachers for every 2 non-teachers, Texas could save $3.3 billion in short order. Meanwhile, as an ever-growing number of administrators receive six-figure salaries and […]

f you’ve lived in America at any point over the past three decades, you’re assuredly familiar with the famous “Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law” Saturday morning cartoon short. Bills don’t actually talk, let alone sing, and the process described in this ‘toon is simplified and somewhat idealized — bills are usually driven […]